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Annual Fund

To our school community,

We’re extremely blessed and thankful for your continued prayers and support for Zion Lutheran School. Zion relies on a foundation of faith, community, and trust. Your faith and trust in our administration, faculty and staff strengthens our purpose as we move forward on the path God has planned for us.

Guided by His word and grace, we are blessed to see, hear, and feel the joy that being in school brings our students and their families. Our team of faculty and staff is excited to begin the 2021-2022 school year in person and five days a week. We are delighted to welcome 255 returning and new students!

Zion’s overall success rests on the faithful support of our school community. A portion of that support comes in the way of financial contributions to our Annual Fund Campaign. Annual Fund proceeds ensure daily operations and facility needs are maintained and improved while helping preserve resources and electives that make our school unique.

Last year Zion Lutheran School was the recipient of individual gifts, grants, and matching gifts through corporate entities. All contributions to the Annual Fund at any point during the year are very much appreciated and used solely for the purpose of improving our campus and learning environments.

Our 2020-2021 Annual Fund Campaign Successfully raised $103,000.

We graciously thank those that make monetary contributions or donate their time and talents to help Zion thrive. We are forever grateful and happily serve Him through our mission at Zion Lutheran School.

If you would like to contribute to our 2021-22 Annual Fund Campaign, please fill out the form below or contact Amanda Hereth at 425-334-5064.

Zion Lutheran School Tax ID 43-1966393