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Seventh & Eighth Grade

Student/Teacher Ratio – 22 to 1
Monday – Thursday 8:15 – 2:45; Friday 8:15 – 1:45.

The goal of Zion Lutheran School is to help students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We realize that the adolescent student requires unique attention and care. In response to God’s plan, and by the direction of the Holy Spirit, we pledge to respond to the learning, behavioral, social, and spiritual needs in such ways that provide opportunities for success and growth for these young servants in God’s world.

Spiritual Life

Religion: In order for our students to grow as Christians and know God’s desire for their lives we incorporate daily devotions, prayer needs, Bible study, memory work, and the workbook Route 66: A Travel Through the Bible into our Religion curriculum.

Chapel: All the children gather each week for a worship service that includes prayer, music, Christian mission opportunities, and age-appropriate talks. Parents are welcome to join us each week for this special time. A pastor also makes weekly presentations in class.

Academic Life

Language Arts & Literature: The language arts curriculum is designed to provide learning and practice in English language skills and use. Subsequent to review by the teacher, students are held accountable for self-corrections and editing skills of writing assignments. Literature is designed to integrate across the grade level curriculum. Criteria considered in literature selections include: use of English skills, historical or scientific impact, human conflict, and faith-based resolutions or values.

Mathematics: Mathematics builds on the fundamentals of math and offers tools for self-paced proficiency-based learning. Teachers support learners and provide supplemental activities to engage students and extend concepts. Individualized learning allows students to grow at their own pace.

Science: Our school uses the textbook Interactive Science as a launching point for an appreciation for the world God has created. We study Life Science in 7th grade and Physical Science in 8th Grade. Activities and labs take place weekly. The curriculum is supported with online access.

History/Geography: To fully appreciate the world that God created, discussions and projects include current events, geography and other cultures. Seventh grade students study World Civilizations, and eighth grade students study U.S. History and the United States Constitution. Washington State History is taught every other year to both groups. The curriculum is supported with online access.

Physical Education: Physical Education is designed to help students develop an appreciation for physical fitness by providing aerobic exercise and learned skills in order to participate safely in individual and team athletics. Students are required to dress appropriately for exercise including proper footwear.

Computers: Computer activities are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, students will have 1-to-1 Chromebooks, meaning that students will have 24/7 access to a Chromebook laptop computer. Chromebooks are used all period in math class, and several classes require daily or weekly usage of Google Docs.

Electives: Students have an elective period in which they may choose among classes offered. Options may include: speech and drama, choir, art, literacy center, yearbook, leadership, knowledge bowl, science club, chess club or chapel club.

Grade Activities

Field Trips: Seventh and eighth grade students experience fun and fellowship on an overnight retreat to Camp Lutherwood in September. Both grades visit the Hibulb Cultural Center, and eighth graders visit Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Eighth graders celebrate graduation and enjoy an end-of–the year trip to Lake Chelan State Park.

Chapel Club: Participate in Chapel Club, leading the school’s weekly chapel services.

Athletics: In order to develop all the talents of each student, a variety of extra curricular seasonal sports is available. Fall Sports include Cross-Country, Boys Flag Football, Girls Volleyball, Co-Ed Soccer, Dance and Cheer.

Winter Sports include Boys and Girls Basketball, Dance and Cheer

Track is available in the Spring.

Spring Musical: Students participate in a drama production involving song and dance. Some of the recent productions include Into the Woods, The Wizard of Oz and Cinderella.

L.E.S.T.: The Lutheran Elementary Schools Tournament (L.E.S.T.) is a ministry of Concordia University, Portland in partnership with elementary schools of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. L.E.S.T. is based on the value of Christian education that emphasizes the love and praise of God, thankful use of talents and service to others. The primary goal of L.E.S.T. is to provide an organized structure to promote fun, skill development, fair play and fellowship among Lutheran elementary school youth through academic, fine arts and recreational activities. Students may be involved in one or more activities. These include: basketball, dance, cheer, spelling bee, knowledge bowl, science, robotics, chess, authentic writing, drama, vocal music, piano, and math competitions.

Piano and Violin Lessons: Lessons are available throughout the school day for an additional charge