Admissions Director


Peter Martin, Principal

Peter Martin, Principal

Member, Zion Lutheran Church
Lutheran Teaching Ministry Certificate
WA State Residency Administrator’s Certificate
B.A, Secondary Education, Concordia University, Portland, OR
M.Ed, Administration in Education, Concordia University, Portland, OR


Peter came to us in 2006 and has served in a wide variety of roles: 6th Grade Homeroom Teacher, Aftercare Lead, Track Coach, Soccer Coach, Basketball Coach, Cross-Country Coach, Assistant Principal, and Technology Director. Peter was named Principal in 2019, and is excited about leading Zion Lutheran School into the next decade.


Peter’s previous teaching experience includes:
-Middle School Science and Computers–West Portal Lutheran School, San Francisco CA
-Math, CAD, PE–Seattle Lutheran High School, Seattle WA
-Middle School Room–Children’s Institute for Learning Differences, Seattle, WA
-English & American Culture–Nishikatsura Elementary and Middle Schools, Yamanashi, Japan

Mission & Message

“Every morning in our staff devotions, I thank God for all the people in the room and the clear task God has given us to spread the Gospel to the children and families who walk on to our campus, and across our community. What a joy this is! Our Mission is to Build Foundations and Transform Lives in Christ, and it’s awesome to watch this happen before my eyes. What does God have planned next for us?

When you visit our school, you’ll be struck by the culture of our campus. Our values are the same as the values you teach at home: We emphasize grace, forgiveness, effort, consequence, hard work, responsibility and accountability.

Finally, we’ve identified three unique characteristics of our school which differentiate us from those around us: Care, Excellence and Opportunities. We show care for our students in safety features and in caring for their needs. We strive for excellence in all we do: in class, in sports and in our daily activities. We provide opportunities at all levels of our school: Opportunities to participate, to try new things, and to succeed.”

Personal Life

Peter and his wife, Sheila, live in Snohomish and have two little boys, James and Joseph. Their interests include baseball, movies and traveling to our National Parks. They plan their vacations around getting their “National Park Passports” stamped.