Admissions Director


Fourth Grade

Student/Teacher Ratio – 20 to 1 with an Educational Assistant
School Day: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm (Fridays 2:00 pm)

The goal of Zion Lutheran School is to help students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. At the elementary grades we realize positive socialization, Christian empathy for one another, and classroom relationships support much of a student’s school success. In order to prepare students for a rewarding Christian relationship, teachers implement self-help strategies that provide structure, teach organizational skills, and encourage successful performance.

Spiritual Life

Religion: Children grow spiritually through daily devotions, music, discussions, activities, and prayer. Emphasis is placed on the application of faith to their lives. One In Christ, a scripture based curriculum, is taught. Memory work is based on Scripture verses that are applicable to this curriculum. A pastor also makes weekly presentations in class.

Chapel: As a class the students attend our all-school chapel every Wednesday morning. Our worship service includes prayer, music, Christian mission opportunities, and age appropriate talks. Parents are welcome to join us each week for this special time.

Academic Life

Language Arts & Reading: Children experience a whole language/literature-based reading/language arts curriculum. A variety of books, grammar, creative writing, handwriting, spelling, silent reading, literature, and paragraph writing are emphasized.

Mathematics: Through the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Go Math! curriculum, children master place value, multiplication and division facts, measurement, fractions, geometry, and problem solving.

Science: Through the exploration of plants, animals, ecosystems, matter, work and energy, heat, earth, solar system, minerals and rocks, and health, the students learn to appreciate the world that God has created for them. Science Weekly is used as the backbone for the curriculum.

Social Studies: In the curriculum, Social Studies Weekly, the children learn about and appreciate our communities and working in and celebrating them, our environment, and U.S. government and citizenship. Special emphasis is placed on Washington State history and geography. This curriculum is supported with online access.

Computers: The children have access to classroom computers and learn keyboarding skills in the classroom. Students have access to iPads for learning to use the Internet.

Physical Education/ Health: Physical Education is designed to help students develop an appreciation for physical fitness by providing aerobic exercise and learned skills in order to participate safely in individual and team athletics. Students are required to dress appropriately for exercise including proper footwear.

Music: The children continue to build on their knowledge of music. Recorder lessons are continued with the whole class as they learn to apply musical terms and techniques to individual pieces and duets.

Art: In order to develop the creative talents of each child, art projects are produced each week through varied medium. Many art lessons are tied to others aspects of the curriculum.

Literacy Center: Students will go to the library weekly to hear and explore different literary genres, practice library skills and to check out library materials.

Grade Activities

Field Trips: To appreciate our community more, the students take a number of field trips that may include Village Theatre Play, visit to a fish hatchery, Albertson’s Healthy Eating tour, and a trip to the State Capitol in Olympia.

Christmas Program: The students play recorders and participate in choral pieces for this program.

Special Activities: Children enjoy creating and presenting their Washington city project as well as researching detailed biographies.

Piano and Violin Lessons: Lessons are available throughout the school day for an additional charge.