Admissions Director


First Grade

The Maximum Student-to-Teacher Ratio in this class is 22 to 1.
Our School Day is Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 3:00pm, and Friday from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

Purpose Statement

The goal of Zion Lutheran School is to help students develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. At the elementary grades we realize positive socialization, Christian empathy for one another, and classroom relationships support much of a student’s school success. In order to prepare students for a rewarding Christian relationship, teachers implement self-help strategies that provide structure, teach organizational skills, and encourage successful performance.

Spiritual Life

Religion: The children grow spiritually through prayer, singing praises, Bible stories, memory verses, Easter and Christmas events and the ongoing teaching of Christianity through the lens of Lutheran doctrine throughout the school day.


As a class the students attend our all-school chapel every Wednesday morning. Our worship service includes prayer, music, Christian mission opportunities, and age-appropriate talks. Parents are welcome to join us each week for this special time. A pastor also makes weekly presentations in class.

Academic Life

Language Arts & Reading: Because reading abilities vary, each child is taught at his/her level. Through the Benchmark Literacy curriculum, Reading A-Z and other supplemental materials, reading is taught with phonics, sight word recognition, decoding skills, and comprehension skills. Printing upper/lower case letters, sentence structure, writing conventions, expository/narrative/opinion writing, shared reading/writing experiences, spelling, and study skills are all emphasized during class. Students participate in whole class, individual, partner, and small group work.


Using current math standards and Bridges Number Corner, children recognize and write numbers through 120, students work to understand addition and subtraction concepts and solve problems up to 100. They are taught to think through word problems, work with place value, graphing, measurement, fractions, time and geometry.
Science: Using the Next Generation Science Standards and Mystery Science, the students participate in hands-on learning and do some experiments to learn about the world that God has created as they study waves and their applications in light and sound, heredity and traits, molecules to organisms and the life cycles of plants, animals and insects, and the wonderful Earth God created.
Social Studies: In order to value other people, places and viewpoints, the students learn more about the world around them. This includes our country, state, community, friends, families, self, the world, other cultures, geography, and history through the use of Scholastic News and Studies Weekly.

Physical Education:

Physical Education is a class designed to develop coordination and large motor skills. Various exercises, games, and group activities provide learning and practice.
Music: The students participate in singing and creative expression in order to develop a basic understanding of rhythm, melody, music appreciation, and instruments.
Art: A variety of mediums are used to develop the creative side of each child. This may include painting, weaving, and cutting in addition to other art mediums.
Literacy Center: Our library teacher teaches lessons every week based on a literacy curriculum. Students visit the school library once a week where they check out books for their personal enjoyment and learn important reading skills.

Grade Level Activities

Field Trips: During the school year, the students experience a variety of adventures throughout our community that may include: The Reptile Zoo, Lake Stevens fire station, and even a pond.
Christmas Program: The students participate in this Christian musical program each year.

Piano/Ukulele Lessons: Private lessons are available throughout the school day for an additional charge.