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Financial Aid

Zion Lutheran School presently offers two paths to financial aid for families who desire access to our programs, but do not have the capability to pay our regular tuition. Families in need of financial aid must either go through TADS, our tuition management system, or speak with the principal. All families are welcome to request financial aid through either path.

Path 1: Discounted Tuition via TADS: A link to TADS is sent to all families when they enroll for the upcoming school year, and a “request financial aid” link is available from there. This option makes sense for most families desiring financial aid. Below are the links to TADS to start the online financial aid request, and a link to a PDF version. If you choose to fill out the PDF version, bring it in to our office and we will process it for you.

Path 2: Appeal to the Board via Principal: Families hoping for financial aid may instead speak to the principal who will seek board approval for financial aid on behalf of the family. This option makes sense for families with any special circumstances.

Link to TADS online tuition management system:

Link to PDF of TADS financial aid request form: ziontads2019