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The ZLS Athletic Department offers a variety of sports activities throughout the school year that are available to all ZLS and community homeschool students in grades 5-8.

There are fees associated with participation, see the costs for each sport listed below.
ZLS is also open to allowing 4th graders to participate in some sports, should a student be interested and space on teams is available, etc.

Any questions regarding participation in sports activities should be directed to Sarah Joplin, ZLS Athletic Director at
Information about Zion sports and activities is distributed periodically throughout the year to students and homeschool families.

Fifth through Eighth Graders are encouraged to try one sport each season. Our coaches ensure playing time for each athlete.

• Fall Sports include Cross-Country, Flag Football, Volleyball and Soccer. The fall sports season begins in late August and concludes in late October.

• Winter Sports include 7th and 8th Grade Basketball, Cheer and Dance.

• Spring Sports include 5th and 6th Basketball and Track.

Zion Lutheran School is always looking for coaches and assistance with the athletics programs. If you or someone you know would be interested, please contact the school or the athletic director at any time.

Co-Ed Soccer (*Boys and Girls Grades 5-8) COST: $100
ZLS participates in both the Christian Schools Association League and the Tri-County League. There is one full team of boys and girls. Coaches do a great job of making sure each student has a chance to contribute.
Head Coach: Annie Johnson
Girls Volleyball (*Girls Grades 5-8) COST: $100
The girls participate in the Christian Schools Association League and also play non-league games with requesting schools in the area. Currently there is one team but if there is a large turnout, there will be an opportunity to separate into a 5th/6th team and a 7th/8th team.
Coaches Deb Alanis & Kinsey Knaub
Cross Country (*Boys and Girls Grades 4-8) COST: $100
The Cross Country team attends four meets during the season, one of which is hosted by ZLS. Zion has had a successful history in this sport, with four consecutive championships from 2008 to 2011. There needs to be a minimum of four runners to form a team. It is possible and beneficial for students participating in other fall sports, to also participate in cross country. Please speak with the athletic director regarding multi-sport participation and fees.
Head Coach: Lindsey Reiswig
Boys Flag Football (*Boys Grades 7-8) COST: $75
The boys participate in the Christian Schools Association League and play approximately 7 games during the season. The game is pass only and designed for 7-on-7 but can be adapted for 5-on-5.
Head Coach: Gary Beck, Assistant Coaches: Mark Joplin, Jeriah Lawler, John Siefkin

The WINTER sports season begins in early November and concludes in late March.

Cheer (Grades 7-8) COST: $100 + Uniform Deposit – Head Coach: Andrea Williams

Dance (Grades 5-8) COST: $100 – Head Coach: Mahlah Eberle

Boys Basketball (*Grades 7-8) COST: $150
Head Coach: Mark Joplin, Assistant Coaches Gary Beck & Jeriah Lawler
Girls Basketball (*Grades 7-8) COST: $150
Head Coach: Brady Burke
Boys Basketball (*Grades 5-6) COST: $100
Head Coach: Joe Bondarchuk
Girls Basketball (*Grades 5-6) COST: $100
Head Coach: Mark joplin, Assistant Coach Brady Burke
The SPRING sports season begins in early April and concludes in late May.
(pictures of track here)
Track (Boys and Girls Grades 4-8) COST: $100
Coaches: Lindsey Reiswig & Jeriah Lawler

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